Resolve Entertainment was founded in 2007 in conjunction with Jeff Bartsch’s activities in television editing and film producing.

It is the parent company for Jeff’s entrepreneurial activities including Story Greenlight, an online community that helps high-trust, client-driven professionals to tell their stories, serve more clients, and expand their impact in the world.


Jeff Bartsch is a multi-faceted storyteller, consultant, and entrepreneur. He built his career as a broadcast TV editor in Los Angeles for clients including ABC, NBC, Universal, Disney, Apple, and many others. His commentary on the entertainment industry has been featured in Time Magazine, USA Today, the Associated Press, and multiple textbooks, and he is the author of Edit Better: Hollywood-Tested Strategies for Powerful Video Editing.

Jeff has been building online and offline businesses for 15 years that have empowered students and clients in over 50 countries across 6 continents.

After over 20 years in Los Angeles, Jeff and his family have taken advantage of post-Covid life to move closer to family near Cleveland, Ohio.

Selected editing credits: Jeff Bartsch on IMDB
Selected editing samples: Jeff Bartsch editing samples

Jeff Bartsch